VR treatment for problem gambling

Virtual reality has sea changed the gambling experience, but the scope of application is beyond entertainment. VR technology can be a handy tool to fight against problem gambling. Unquestionably virtual casinos are gaining immense popularity despite few shortcomings; one is the princely cost of VR gadgets. But it is a captivating world with intuitive reality, cutting-edge technology, and many promises for significant improvement. 

VR beyond entertainment

 The application of virtual reality could go beyond entertainment; it could be an effective tool for a fitness program, digital marketing and therapy. So far, researchers and scientists have used VR for music, marketing, fitness, training, and psychotherapy. A pool of scientists from the Cyberpsychology Laboratory, University of Quebec, has successfully used VR technology in curative use. The technology has enough potential to be a weapon against gambling addiction.  

Stephen Bouchard, the founder of the Cyberpsychology laboratory, is optimistic VR would craft an environment that will help problem gamblers to face the temptation of gambling at online casinos. The touch, feel will be close to reality without actually yielding to it. 

The innate environment, the doctors will be able to control the impulsive behavior of the problem gamblers. The controlled environment will provide valuable information both to scientists and patients. It will give a blueprint of how a person will react in a real-life situation and give more information about their behavior structure as the treatment progress. It will give an edge to the doctors so they could control over the stimulated panorama. 

As with other technological advancements, one can only hope the method would be more beneficial to problem gamblers. The scientists put the problem gamblers in a safe and fair environment, where they could imitate the curving that comes with addiction without subjecting them to real-life scenarios. 

Psychiatrists can talk to persons with substance addiction, but what makes a difference is if there is the addictive substance in front of him and how he behaves in the given situation. The best outcome would come if the substance is actually offered to him, but that is not possible ethically. But now, in a simulated environment created through VR, it is possible to witness how an addictive gambler would respond when he is directly exposed to the opportunity of gambling. You can taste the water of the VR world, log onto pussy888 virtual casino, where you will find a real replica of brick and mortar casino, which is a fantastic experience. Seating on the couch, you will be gambling in a lavish Las Vegas casino.