Different poker formats: do you know the best hands in poker?

In addition to the different modalities, poker99 also varies depending on the card distribution format. The main difference between these formats is the way in which cards are dealt to players. At Stud Poker, all cards are private, and the player does not have any opportunity to exchange them. In community card poker, some cards are private and others can be used by all players. Finally, Draw Poker only has private cards, but players can exchange some of their cards.

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The most common format is community cards, as Hold’em and Omaha are played like this. In this format, players receive an X number of private cards and combine them with community cards. In Texas Hold’em, the player receives two private cards and can use as many as he wants to build a strong hand. In Omaha, the player receives four and is obliged to use two toilets and three communal ones. Stud poker has much less flexibility. Each player receives an X number of cards and is stuck with them until the next hand. There are no community letters, and the combination should only be made between letters received. Draw poker has a differential.

The best starting hands in poker

The truth is that cards are extremely important in agen idnpoker. However, perhaps not in the way you imagine. Poker is not decided simply by who has the best combination of all players. After all, if that were the case, poker would be a game entirely defined by luck, not skill. Due to the dynamics of poker, how you play your cards is the most important factor. With that in mind, it is possible to establish which the best starting hands in Texas Hold’em are. Since you only receive two hole cards, it is easy to classify these hands as premium, strong, playable and junk.


Premium hands are the best hands in Hold’em. These are the hands in which, in at least 95% of the situations, you must be willing to bet everything pre-flop. The only hands in this group are AA, KK, QQ and AK.


Strong hands vary widely, some of which are very close to the premium ones. These are hands that are virtually always in a 3-bet range. The best hands in this group are JJ, 10-10 and AQ. However, hands like AJ, A10, KQ and 99 are also considered strong.

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Playable hands should normally be considered on a case-by-case basis. This group includes pairs starting from the pair of 8, low aces and the famous suited connectors, besides hands like the JQ and JT.


These are the worst poker hands, like 27 and 38. When you see them, you can already anticipate that you are going to fold your hand in 95% of cases. There are rare occasions when you will enter pots with one hand in this category. Rubbish hands that sometimes look better are hands like J4, 10-5 and Q3. It is important to remember that the hands must be evaluated based on the situation of the hand in question.